Warwick Rowers Release Calendar Promo Video

The Warwick Rowers preparing for a photo shoot.

Everyone on the planet knows the Warwick Rowers; they’re the rowers from across the pond who spend a lot of time together. Well, they’re preparing for the launch of their 2016 calendar and they wanted to give you a little taste of what’s to come.

Although you’ve seen most of the rowers, and last year they released a short film that showed every inch of their bodies, you should probably order their 2016 calendar before it’s too late. Who doesn’t love to see them hanging around the office?

This new promo definitely has a lot more bromance than some of their previous videos, and the boys announced their first coffee table book. Everyone needs one of those. So, watch the ridiculously adorable video of the Warwick Rowers below, and if you like this video, remember to share this article!

Watch the video!

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