A Davey Wavey Video You Have to See

A Davey Wavey video you have to see to believe.

In Davey Wavey’s newest video, Trenton Ducati uses big boy toys modeled after his body parts. Yes, he can finally say he screwed himself. A few months ago, Ducati had his fun parts molded and transformed into tantalizing toys for boys.

First, they molded Ducati’s front and then they cast his backside, which are both equally impressive. And, in this video he goes to town on his own bum in the “Butt Booth.” Yes, that’s a thing. From the look on his face, it must feel pretty damn good.

After that, he gives himself  oral and cringes awkwardly after he takes the silicon replica out of his mouth. Watch the video below, and then check out this video from Wavey. Trust us! It’s a fun one.

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