Half of Britain’s Young Men Say They’re Not Straight

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In a recent survey conducted by YouGov, researchers found that 49 percent of young men (18–24) in Britain say they’re not straight. The survey required participants to rank their sexuality on a Kinsey scale; “0” represented straight and “6” represented gay.  The International Business Times reported:

“In the YouGov study, individuals were asked to put themselves on that sexuality scale. In total, 72% of the British public scored themselves at the completely heterosexual end of the scale, while 4% were at the completely homosexual end, with 19% stating they were somewhere in between – classed as bisexual by Kinsey.

One of the most striking findings of the new study is that with each generation, people see their sexuality as less fixed and more fluid. The results for 18-24 year-olds are particularly telling, with 43% placing themselves in the non-binary area between 1 and 5 and 52% place themselves at one end or the other. Of these, only 46% say they are completely heterosexual and 6% as completely homosexual.”

In scholar Jane Ward’s new book, she hypothesized that straight men can engage in intimate behavior with other straight men, and the behavior is socially straight. This survey could challenge her theory of identifying as heteroflexible.
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