Walmart Stocks Sporting Goods Section with Gun Oil

Walmart Stocks Sporting Goods Section with Gun Oil

It’s an easy mistake to make, but you would think someone working at Walmart in Florence, Alabama would noticed a fellow employee stocking Gun Oil lubricant for men in the sporting goods section.

Luckily, Jamie Lee Bracey, a patron of the super store, noticed and posted a hilarious video on Facebook. In the video, Bracey reported:

“I was like, ‘Water-based? That could rust, right?’… Let’s see here: ‘Long-lasting lubrication with easy cleanup. Glycerin and paraben free. Wetter, lighter feel than silicone.’ Oh that sounds good. That sounds really good. I think my gun would work really good, wetter and lighter. Then I see the ‘Ginseng and guarana to promote blood flow,’ and I’m like, ‘What?’ For topical use, apply desired amount to genital areas. Boom!”

Since the incident, a Walmart representative said that the store does carry Gun Oil in the “pharmacy area” and that they’re “not sure how an individual product ended up in another part of the store.”

WP_20150917_18_09_44_Pro.mp4!!! I couldn’t believe this. It was at Florence WalMart, sporting goods section.

Posted by Jamie Lee Bracey on Friday, September 18, 2015

In case you’ve been living under a rock and don’t know what Gun Oil is, here’s an introduction.

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