Negative 22 Degrees Still Looks Hot on These Viking CrossFitters

Viking Age CrossFit

Do you even CrossFit, bro? Well, after watching this video of Lithuanian CrossFitters braving -22 degree temperatures, you may think twice about your answer. Viking Age CrossFit recently posted a video of two of their beefiest specimens walking around, doing beefy, manly things … in nothing but speedos … in -22 degree weather.

From sledgehammering frozen lakes to making snow angels, these bearded studs certainly know how to celebrate a snow day! But at least they know how to take a break and enjoy a roaring fire — along with a cup of (what we can only assume is) super macho moonshine. We can forgive the silly hats because, well, it’s worth it to see the steam slowly rolling off those juicy pecs and stuffed speedos!

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You can also check out the Viking Age CrossFit website to see even more bearded beefcakes. The gym “club concept” states: “You just have to bring sports clothing and have the desire. Everything else we’ll take care [of].” They provide training programs, dietary recommendations, in-exercise technique improvement and more. And it apparently works, based on the studly models they have on their site!

Grab a hot cup of your favorite winter beverage, snuggle up in your favorite blanket, check out the video below and watch the winter chill melts away.

H/T: NewNowNext

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