Tyra Banks Will Produce Teen Drag Show for Discovery+

Tyra Banks Will Produce Teen Drag Show for Discovery+


Model Tyra Banks is producing teen drag series called Generation Drag.

Tyra Banks returns to the world of reality TV with an all-new docu-series for Discovery+ called Generation Drag, which highlights teen drag queens preparing for their debut performances at Dragutante.

All About Dragutante

What is Dragutante, you ask? Dragutante is a non-profit organization that invites “teen queens, kings & non-binary performers ages 8-18” to work with professional queens to create a drag look and performance.

The organization creates a safe space for anyone under 18 to showcase their drag personas while walking the runway. Additionally, the event serves to “educate about Drag culture by creating an environment of acceptance and community.” Sounds incredible!

What We Know About Generation Drag

The show will capture the lives of five different queer kids and their families as they “courageously support their kids who are navigating their true identities.”

So how will Banks participate in the show? The former talk show host has yet to confirm any onscreen appearances, but we wouldn’t rule it out.


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Recently, Banks enthusiastically commented on the show saying, “I have such admiration and respect for these teens. They are bravely navigating coming into their own in a world that can be very challenging and not always accepting. What is so beautiful is seeing their parents and siblings supporting them. These teens’ laser-focused tenacity inspires my team and me, and we are honored to share their stories. I can’t wait for these popping personalities to show their fierceness to the world.”

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Watch the trailer below to see what drag formation awaits these incredible teens.

Want to donate to Dragutante? Click here!

The all-new series will stream exclusively on Discovery+ starting June 1.

Tyra Banks Will Produce Teen Drag Show for Discovery+
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