Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Lap Dance While in Drag

Credit: Troye Sivan (Screengrab)

Troye Sivan co-stars with the captivating Ross Lynch in his latest music video, exploring the intricacies of sexual encounters with “straight men.”

Troye Sivan has done it again! In tandem with his latest album, Something to Give Each Other, the 28-year-old pop singer has released another hot and steamy music video. This time, in addition to showcasing alluring shirtless men, Sivan captivates his audience by dressing up in drag.

As previously teased, “One of Your Girls” features an alluring Ross Lynch wearing nothing but low-waisted, unbuttoned jeans. As if that was not hot enough, the camera then flips to Sivan, looking glamorous in a blonde wig, short white dress and knee-high boots.

While seductively circling Lynch, the “Rush” artist sings, “Evеrybody wants you, baby / You should insure that waist (With the highеst policy you can get) / But nobody wants you bad as I do / Baby, let me plead my case, yeah.”

In addition to Lynch and Sivan, the video features other swoonworthy stars like Andrew Walko, Blake French, David Lee, Shakir Rodrigues, Tomasz Kurdziel, and Bobby Nelson.

Troye Talks Dressing Up

In an interview with People, Sivan said he chose to don a dress in the video as a way to create a “fantasy version” of himself.

“It was really just reflective of how I felt I was bending and changing my values or my self-worth for someone else,” said Sivan. “It’s like, slay, there’s this performance from a pop-star-girl version of me. But towards the end of the video, I think you really can see the vulnerability and the cracks that this isn’t going to work.”

He said he took inspiration from Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears when creating his other persona.

“I’ve never done drag before, [but I’ve] always wanted to, and it was a really beautiful, fun experience,” he continued. “We were trying to think of a name, but honestly, I feel like her name is Troye.”

As for why he asked Lynch to be in the video (beyond the obvious six reasons on his abdomen), Sivan said it really stemmed from his ability to thirst-trap people online. “The song is written so adoringly about these guys that everyone is obsessed with — and everyone’s obsessed with Ross,” he said. “I needed someone who’s representative of the general population’s thirst, and he’s the perfect guy.”

Troye Sivan’s Something to Give Each Other is available to stream now.

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Troye Sivan Gives Ross Lynch a Lap Dance While in Drag
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