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This Closeted Pro Soccer Player Is About to Come Out as Gay

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The anonymous soccer pro is not ready to come out publicly, but he’s coming out soon!

An anonymous Twitter user professing to be a gay English Football League player announced he’s almost ready to come out publicly. First, he plans to finish coming out to his friends and family.

“I’m a professional footballer, playing for a club in the [Sky Bet Championship]. I will be revealing my identity soon, but I am a proud gay man, hoping to break the mold,” the user tweeted on July 5. “I am under the age of 23, and today I came out to my family. Soon, I will come out publicly.”

He continued: “Today I came out to my family. I have [hidden] my sexuality for far too long. My family responded amazingly well, and other than a few close friends, they were the first to know.”

The following day, the player tweeted that he was preparing to meet with his manager.

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“The time is right. The time is now.”

The anonymous athlete later shared a screenshot of a homophobic taunt from a bigoted user, which read “Get stoned, f*****t.”

“Tweets like this, however, are why this situation has to be handled carefully, for myself and my club,” he said.

He went on to request patience during his coming out process: “Thank you to all those who have sent supportive messages. Please understand that I only came out to my family in the last few days, I want/need the opportunity to prepare myself, and those around me, before going public. Please be patient with me.”

This Closeted Pro Soccer Player Is About to Come Out as Gay
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