This Vintage Home Workout Video Will Get Your Blood Flowing

This ’80s Viral Workout Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping


Tony Britts’ retro workout will get you through quarantine.

Gyms are closed, pilates classes are suspended indefinitely, and because we’re all social distancing, we’re restricted to working out at home. Home workout classes and videos have become a fitness reality.

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In these gloomy circumstances, it helps to spice up your workout with a little variety. The BBC found just the thing after digging into their archives. This should get you worked up.

“It’s day 4 of the BBC Archive quarantine fitness regime!” they wrote on Twitter. “Time to don some tight clothing that doesn’t quite fit and limber up with the one and only Tony Britts!”

As they said, the video features Tony Britts, a fitness instructor who worked for the BBC in the 1980s. These videos offer a glimpse into the wild and wacky world of ‘80s fitness regimes and highlight the work of a man otherwise lost to history.

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Britts was originally born in Ghana but grew up in London, where he pursued a career in fitness instruction. Once a week, he offered a short fitness lesson on BBC’s morning program.

Unfortunately, Tony passed away in June of 1988 at just 32 years old. His death was reported to be due to AIDS complications.

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The BBC released 5 days of quarantine fitness videos featuring Britts, with one of the hosts of the morning show commenting, “he’s extraordinary, isn’t he?” at the end.

It’s incredibly fitting that now, as the world is faced with mass quarantine and a global pandemic, Britts is getting us through one workout at a time. In the words of Tony Britts, “keep fit, keep smiling.”

This ’80s Viral Workout Video Will Get Your Blood Pumping
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