Text Slang Demystified: What Does MYB Mean?


Whether you’re an avid social media user or an online bulletin board veteran, you’ve probably come across a few internet slang words you don’t understand. MYB is one of the newer colloquialisms to hit popular social media sites. However, like many other terms, it can mean several things based on how it’s used.  So what does MYB mean?

Keep reading to learn more about what it means, and how folks both young and old are using it on Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter.

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What Does MYB Mean In Text?

MYB is shorthand for numerous phrases, but its current most common use case is “mind your business” or the less formal “mind yo business!” Today’s MYB is a shorter variant of the older MYOB or “Mind Your Own Business.”

Earlier, we mentioned that MYB could mean several things based on its use case. Knowing some less common definitions can help you break through even the most impenetrable walls of text slang. Here are some of the other meanings for MYB:

  • Move your body
  • Meet your baby
  • My bad or my baby (written as “my b”)
  • Move your butt
  • Market your business

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How Do People Use MYB?

Generally speaking, people write MYB when they want other folks to stay away from their personal business. So, if someone’s asking too many questions or inserting themselves into your affairs, text them a quick “MYB” to get your point across without the drama. And, if they don’t know what it means, feel free to send them this article so we can explain it for you.

Here’s a sample conversation in its most common context:

Person 1: Hey, didn’t you wear that same wig at last night’s drag show?

Person 2: Hey, how about you MYB?

How To Pronounce MYB

Now that you know MYB, its meaning, and how to use it, it’s essential to brush up on its pronunciation if you plan to say it in person. When using the “mind your business” definition, most folks spell out each letter as “ehm-why-bee.” Conversely, others may decide to pronounce this shorthand as “my b” or the even more succinct “mib.”

Final Thoughts On MYB

Text slang is an incredibly efficient way to get your point across without over-explaining yourself, and MYB is one of the most common ways to tell people to step off. However, it tends to come off as a little rude, so you may want to use it with caution.

For more information on modern text slang, keep reading Gayety.

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Text Slang Demystified: What Does MYB Mean?
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