Text Slang Demystified: What Does ‘Kk’ Mean?

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Pretty much everyone uses texting apps these days, meaning billions of folks are using all kinds of shorthand and slang to communicate with their friends, families, and co-workers. However, different contexts require different terms, and substituting an “okay” for “kk” or even the dreaded “k.” can cause a massive shift in the tone of a conversation.

In this short article, we break down the ever-popular “kk”, what it means, and how it differs from all the other variations of saying okay.

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What Does ‘Kk’ Mean In Text?

“Kk”, or “kay-kay” when said aloud, is a shorthand for “okay” that’s used by people of all ages and backgrounds. However, this cutesy colloquialism has its ideal time and place. For example, you probably wouldn’t send a “kk” to your interviewer for a high-powered job. Instead, you’re more likely to text your buddies and acquaintances a casual “kk” than the more formal “okay”.

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What Makes ‘Kk’ Different From ‘Okay’ Or ‘K’?

If you’re reading this article and thinking, “is kk really that different from okay?”, you aren’t alone. Many people struggle with the hyper-specific intricacies of text-based communication. But it’s nice to know the difference so you don’t accidentally ruin a good conversation’s vibe.

Earlier, we mentioned that it probably isn’t a good idea to insert a quick “kk” in work-related correspondence. That’s because “kk” is meant for more casual contexts between friends and family. Compared to the much more formal “okay”, “kk” can introduce a bit of levity and keep a text conversation from sounding too serious.
On the other side of the okayness spectrum is “k.” (period included.) While practical and time-saving, sending a single “k.” might make your recipient feel like they’ve somehow upset you.

Final Thoughts On ‘Kk’

Texting is a quick way to get your point across without making a phone call, and using shortcuts and slang can make the experience much easier. However, texting language evolves exceptionally quickly, and there are a variety of connotations depending on which term you use.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the term “kk”. While it’s used almost interchangeably with “okay”, it’s a less serious form of the word, best used for casual conversations with friends and family.

For more information on modern text slang, keep reading Gayety.

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Text Slang Demystified: What Does ‘Kk’ Mean?
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