Supernatural Star Misha Collins Comes Out as Bisexual

Supernatural Star Misha Collins Appears to Come Out as Bisexual

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UPDATE: He Has Now Clarified on Twitter That He Misspoke. Misha Collins Is Not Bisexual.

The story below was written before the Supernatural star wrote an apology, clarifying his words in the Twitter video. Read what he said here.

Misha Collins is three things. An introvert, an extrovert, and bisexual. At least that’s according to a viral clip that popped up on Twitter yesterday. The Supernatural star was making his usual rounds at a convention in New Jersey when the moment was caught on camera. Collins played the fallen angel Castiel in the CW series and has long been a favorite of queer fans of the show.

I’m All Three

The video captures Collins at the podium posing an unusual question. “By show of force, how many of you would consider yourself introverts?” asks Collins. Hands raise silently around him before he continues, “How many extroverts?” More hands raise around him. “And how many bisexuals?” This captures the crowd off guard, and they burst into laughter. One attendee can be heard saying, “where did that come from?”

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Before the crowd calms down, Collins motions to himself saying, “I’m all three.” No one in the crowd appears to react. In fact, it seems like no one heard him. If they did, perhaps they weren’t sure what they heard. Lucky for us, we have video footage we can painstakingly analyze. By we, I also mean the other 178,000+ viewers on Twitter who have been picking the clip apart. Though the response was massive, Collins is yet to respond to fans’ questions.

We Were So Blind

Users’ responses ranged from ecstatic to confused. One user said “we were so blind,” with a screenshot of Collins’ pinned tweet in front of a double rainbow.

[Supernatural spoilers ahead] Collins is no stranger to attention from the LGBTQ+ community. Season 15, Episode 18 of the series marked a pivotal and controversial moment for the show. It was the episode where Castiel, Collin’s character, told Dean he loved him before sacrificing himself to save his life. This was met with mixed reactions from fans, especially queer fans of the show. Many fans were glad to see Castiel declare his feeling for Dean, but devastated by his death. Others pointed to the very familiar “bury your gays” trope that so often forces LGBTQ+ relationships off-screen. You can watch the moment here.

Collins is married and has two kids with historian Victoria Vantoch. He has long been a vocal supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and has been pictured at several Pride events.


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Supernatural Star Misha Collins Appears to Come Out as Bisexual
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