Steve Grand Is Shirtless, Hairless and Sober

This is a photo of Steve Grand shirtless.

Steve Grand had an exciting year; he went to a marine ball, came out on live TV and looked amazing in a Speedo. Grand took to Instagram to talk about his latest YouTube video and sobriety. Grand went on to explain why he doesn’t have any body hair.

Grand wrote:

“Who would have thought that when you stop poisoning yourself every day with alcohol and fast food, and start doing cardio and sleeping at normal hours, that you actually start to feel and function better?

So since I am abstaining from alcohol (mostly) and can’t do shots with you, I figured the next best thing would be posting this douchey, post-gym selfie (not at all because I’m loving my post-gym pump and how much bigger I look in this downlighting).

Ps. I’m naturally a hairless cat. Send your #thoughtsandprayers – that I may grow chest hair. And not just in little circle forests around my nipples.

Grand’s new video “We Are the Night” comes out in the next few months, and we can’t wait to see what he accomplishes in 2016.

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