'Star Trek' Star Anthony Rapp’s Shares Engagement Photos

‘Star Trek’ Star Anthony Rapp’s Shares Engagement Photos

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Star Trek star Anthony Rapp’s engagement photos will make you love love again.

Love is in the air! Valentine’s day is closing in at breakneck speed, and there is simply no avoiding it. We might as well just accept it, and start carelessly wandering the streets with stacks of loose paper in the hopes of having our very own meet-cute.

In the meantime, why not live vicariously through Anthony Rapp? The Star Trek star shared photos on Monday celebrating his engagement with his fiancé, Ken Ithiphol. Once you get beyond your own crushing loneliness, it isn’t hard to appreciate the sweet intimacy captured by Mitch and Savanna Colagrossi.

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“They have a passion that even we were only able to capture a glimpse of, as their love is so much more genuine and intense than what can be documented through photography alone”, the pair wrote in a blog post, which includes the full set of engagement photography.

If that’s not enough to warm your cold heart of stone, perhaps the outpouring of love and support the couple received on Twitter will do the trick. Rapp took to Twitter, saying “As you know, I’m marrying this wonderful, beautiful man”, after announcing their engagement late last year.

Fans and friends alike immediately took to their keyboards to celebrate the couple. The list includes Star Trek: The Next Generation actor Johnathan Del Arco, the official Star Trek Twitter account, and Miss Congeniality herself, Nina West.

There was also this heartbreaking exchange which, if you were listening closely enough, actually cracked the hard exterior of my lonely gay heart.

All jokes aside, it’s hard not to celebrate two beautifully open, queer men in love. Less open times are still within living memory and so theirs is a love worth toasting this Valentine’s Day. In the end the photographers said it best.

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“To hell with constraint, with hiding emotions for the sake of social niceties. Ken and Anthony are who they want to be with each other, unapologetically, and we admire that beyond words.”

Congratulations, Anthony and Ken!

‘Star Trek’ Star Anthony Rapp’s Shares Engagement Photos
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