Reneé Rapp Reading Thirst Tweets Has Us Blushing and Kicking Our Feet

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Our love for this woman is truly unmatched.

The Sex Lives of College Girls and Broadway star Reneé Rapp stopped by BuzzFeed to do some light reading before she kicks off her Snow Hard Feelings Tour later this week. Of course, the reading in question was all of the filthy, raunchy tweets her fans send her on X (the app formerly known as Twitter).

Right from the start, Rapp was not phased by any of the thirsty thoughts. She found each one to be a sincere compliment and could not stop smiling and giggling.

And if you are someone who feels you could make Rapp fall in love with you if given the chance, the singer says, “go for it!”

“I think that’s confidence, I think that’s believing in yourself. I think that’s having drive and being a hard working woman.”

At one point, a fan asked Rapp to “stop being so funny and flirty.” She replied: “No.”

“I can’t! I love to flirt, she continued. “It’s fun. It’s what keeps the world spinning. Everybody needs a little excitement.”

Even the extreme tweets, like ones that read “I am just a hole for Reneé Rapp” or “Reneé Rapp rail me,” were met with complete understanding. “There are women I would let ruin my life,” she explained.

Rapp also spoke about her feelings towards people barking, her need to constantly seek “other gay people’s approval,” and her love for people saying what’s on their minds. Oh, and gay rights. Of course.

Overall, the video feels like Rapp is flirting with us through the screen the whole time. Prepare to be flustered! Watch the full video here.

What’s Next for Rapp

Reneé Rapp recently released her debut studio album, Snow Angel. She will tour the album starting this fall in Phoenix, Arizona, and ending in Ireland in March. She will also reprise her role as Regina George in a movie adaptation of Mean Girls: The Musical, which will hit theaters in January 2024.

Reneé Rapp Reading Thirst Tweets Has Us Blushing and Kicking Our Feet
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