You can learn how to make all sorts of delicious dishes on the Internet. With thousands of recipe videos to watch, how can you possibly find the best foods? Well, for starters, follow Franco Noriega of Baby Basa. At 27, he’s one of the hunkiest cooks in the kitchen, and he knows how to serve it hot.

In his latest recipe video, he prepared a nutritious chia pudding, which is rarely delicious. However, he whips it up wearing only loose-fitting boxer shorts and let’s just say; he puts the “D” in “delicious.”


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First, Noriega talks about prepping the main ingredients (berries, coconuts, almond butter and chia seeds). Then, the camera focuses on his blender which he happened to position right next to his prominent package.

Although chia pudding is a vegetarian dish, from the moment the video started, we couldn’t stop staring at his meat. If you want to learn how to make this dish, watch the video below!

Peruvian Chef Makes Chia Pudding With a Side of VPL
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