Peacock Shares First Trailer for ‘Queer as Folk’ Reimagining

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Can you believe the premiere is just a few weeks away?

Peacock’s reimagined series Queer as Folk is coming this June and we can’t stop watching the new trailer.

The series comes after Russel T. Davies’ British original and the 2000 Showtime version. This time, we’re in New Orleans where a group of friends finds themselves rebuilding their lives and futures after a deadly shooter invades a gay bar.

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Meet the Stars of Queer as Folk

From the minds of Stephen Dunn and Jaclyn Moore, Queer as Folk will see Devin Way (Grey’s Anatomy), Fin Argus (Agents of SHIELD), Jesse James Keitel (Big Sky), CG, and Johnny Sibilly (Hacks), and Ryan O’Connell (Special) as series regulars. But wait, there’s more! The series will welcome a few guest stars like Nyle DiMarco, Benito Skinner, Juliette Lewis, and Kim Cattrall.


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Are you ready? Because this series is going to be defiant, sexy, bold, resilient, vibrant, punk, wild, messy, blazing, ecstatic, loving, joyful, and of course, QUEER!

“I believe deeply in the power of storytelling to make people feel seen, but all too often I feel as though queer and trans representation in art is limited to extremes,” said Moore in a statement. “We are either shown as saintly heroes bravely surviving a bigoted society or two-dimensional queer-coded villains that feel airdropped in from some previous era. With Queer as Folk, we aimed to depict queer characters who live in the messy middle. People who are complicated. Who are funny and caring and flawed and sometimes selfish, but still worthy of love. Still worthy of narrative. As a trans woman, I’m excited to take steps to move past telling stories that seem to just be arguing for our basic humanity. My hope is that Queer as Folk is one such step.”

You can watch Queer as Folk when it premieres on Peacock on June 9.

Watch the trailer for the series here.

Peacock Shares First Trailer for ‘Queer as Folk’ Reimagining
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