Non-Binary Option Added to Call of Duty


The queerphobes are maaaaad.

This story should probably be cut and dry, but as usual, we have a lot to say. For the first time in the franchise’s history, Call of Duty has added an option for players to choose non-binary as their gender.

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This decision didn’t come without its fumbles of course. Originally it was teased that players could select a third gender option, “classified,” so they could be the “mysterious, shadowy Black Ops character they want to be.” LGBTQ+ fans weren’t too happy with the fact that the game provided an option to classify your gender before adding a gender variant option.

non-binary call of duty

In response, the creators added a fourth option. You can now select “non-binary,” and characters will refer to you using they/them pronouns. Before we get to our take on this, we should mention that conservative gamers were…pressed. Content warning: cishet fragility.

Okay, with that out of the way, the grownups can have a discussion. First and foremost, while we celebrate the addition, we do have some thoughts. Namely, just because you’re non-binary, doesn’t mean you use they/them pronouns. We really need to move past the idea that gender identity has to dictate the pronouns we use. We may be asking too much of a first-person shooter video game, but we can’t help ourselves.

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Then there’s always the fact that perhaps we’re looking too deeply into a game about committing literal war crimes. We’re all for escapism, but imagining one’s self as a non-binary war criminal is quite the stretch of the imagination.

We digress. It’s 2020, and we’ve gotten very used to celebrating progress that comes with baggage. You could argue that it keeps us on our toes.

Non-Binary Option Added to Call of Duty
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