'Grey's Anatomy' Premiere Features First Pandemic BJ

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Premiere Features First Pandemic BJ


“Can we leave my mask on?”

The premiere of Grey’s Anatomy last Thursday night was particularly memorable. Dr. Levi Schmitt (Jake Borelli) and his ex-boyfriend Nico Kim (Alex Landi) hooked up in a medical supply closet when Kim offered some much needed “stress relief” to the overworked doctor. Like other healthcare workers on the show and in real life, Dr. Schmitt has been overwhelmed with patients due to the pandemic and needed a little … release.

“Can we leave my mask on?” Schmitt asked. “That’s not what I want to take off,” Kim replied.

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Schmitt finished his stress-relieving therapy off-camera, but viewers were gifted Schmitt’s “o” face, which was still hot AF. Plus, Schmitt kept his mask on, which, by the way, is recommended by health experts for safer pandemic hookups. The moment marked a first for network television; it was the first hook up between men in a show that acknowledged the pandemic. Borelli, who is gay, marked the moment on social media.

For obvious reasons, viewers were really into the scene, too. You can watch it online here.

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Premiere Features First Pandemic BJ
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