A New 'Harry Potter' Film Is Coming, and so Is the Original Cast

Is a New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Featuring the Original Cast Coming?

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Have your wands at the ready!

Potterheads around the world are in a frenzy following a mysterious tweet from Harry Potter author, J.K. Rowling. After months of relative silence, Rowling dropped a cryptic tweet. “Sometimes, darkness comes from unexpected places,” she wrote, including the hashtags #HarryPotter and #CursedChild.

In addition to the note, Rowling shared a black-and-white illustration of the Dark Mark. For obvious reasons, this sent fans into near hysterics as rumors swirled. Is a big screen adaptation of Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on the way?

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It’s very possible, but it may be a bunch of rubbish. Despite reports that a source close to Warner Bros. confirmed a new film starring the original cast was coming, it’s officially unverified.

Although there’s no reason to count out a Cursed Child film series, the motivation behind Rowling’s tweet may have been misinterpreted. That said, it seems unlikely that Rowling would rejoin twitter after months of silence with a meaningless tweet and a graphic.

We shall see!

Is a New ‘Harry Potter’ Film Featuring the Original Cast Coming?
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