Mom Reads Son’s Explicit Grindr Messages

Prepare yourself for Grindr realness and a residual load of embarrassment — things are about to get extremely uncomfortable.

One brave mother embarks on an explicit journey through her son’s Grindr messages. Although the IOS and Android application is often touted as a platform for “networking,” in actuality, it typically serves as an electronic meat-market that provides users with immediate access to a variety of “meat” types, shapes and sizes. And, they’re all within walking distance. The 4-minute video induces a cringe-worthy response from Riyadh, an international YouTuber who quickly garnered nearly 2-million views on this short exploration of his Grindr account.

 A courageous move, but was the awkward encounter really worth the views? Compared to Riyadh’s previous video, which obtained a respectable 256,682 views, his latest upload has an increased playback of a whopping 727 percent. “Mom Reads Son’s Grindr Messages” increased his channel average from approximately 50,000 views-per-video (VPV) to a staggering 200 some-odd thousand VPV over night.

Now, that’s what we call serious growth.

While many of the Grindr messages were shockingly tame (we suspect SOMEONE filtered through his inbox prior to handing over his device), Riyadh’s mother eloquently narrates various attempts of desperate sexual advances. Still, she provides thoughtful commentary regarding a few of the individuals pursuing her son including: 

  1. “What the hell?”
  2. “The most disgusting boxer shorts I’ve ever seen in my life.”
  3. “A face that only a mother could love.”

Lucky for the duo, a tall glass of white wine provided enough liquid courage to get through a dozen or more messages. We commend you, Riyadh, you did it. We’d like to wish you continued success as well as increased spectator interest on YouTube … and Grindr — of course.

Can you make it through the video without shifting in your seat? We sure couldn’t. 

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