Miss Benny Opens Up About Homophobia on the ‘Fuller House’ Set – Candace Cameron Bure Responds

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In a recent TikTok video, Glamorous star Miss Benny opened up about her time on the Fuller House set and suggested that Candace Cameron Bure tried to have her queer character “removed” from the show.

Miss Benny is a rising star! The actress splashed into Hollywood when she landed the leading role in Netflix’s new queer drama, Glamorous. For those who have not seen it yet, she plays Marco Mejia, a young gender non-conforming queer person, who lands a job working for legendary makeup mogul Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall). Shortly after the show’s premiere, Miss Benny came out as a transgender woman.


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“In the year since we shot the series, the political space—and specifically the anti-trans movement—has been so overwhelming,” she wrote in her essay published to Time. “I’ve started to feel a sense of, ‘Wow, this show is going to come out, and with that, I too will be coming out. I don’t know if I’m ready to be this vulnerable.’ But then I am reminded that this fear is exactly why I wanted to include my transition in the show: Because I know that when I was a terrified queer kid in Texas, it was the queer joy I found in droplets online that guided me to my happiness. And if someone like me is out there feeling the weight of being othered, I want them to have a place they can see someone like us thrive and be celebrated.”

Miss Benny Responds to Homophobia Within Fuller House Cast

On the note of transparency, the young actress has also shared stories from her early career, like her small gig on the revival series, Fuller House. The show followed the eldest daughter D.J. Tanner-Fuller (Bure), her sister Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), and their friend Kimmy (Andrea Barber), who are all living in their childhood home together in San Francisco, California. Miss Benny starred in the series as Casey, the first gay character in the Full House franchise.

“One of the Tanner sisters is very publicly… not for the girls. If that makes sense,” she says in a video responding to a commenter asking about homophobia on set.

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“I remember I got sat down by the writers and the studio to basically warn me how this person was allegedly trying to get the character removed and not have a queer character on the show,” continued. “I was also sort of warned and prepared that this person’s fan base might be encouraged to target me specifically.

“The fact that this teenage actor who’s coming in to make jokes about wearing a scarf is suddenly a target from an adult is crazy to me. To this day, despite working on the show every day for two weeks straight, I have only had a conversation with one of the Tanner sisters.”

Because of recent headlines surrounding Bure and her feelings towards “traditional marriage,” many feel certain this is the “Tanner sister” Miss Benny is referring to. However, she also included the hashtag #CandaceBure in the caption.

Candace Cameron Bure Responds

Though Miss Benny never called out Bure by name, the former Hallmark actress addressed the allegations in a statement to People.

“I never asked Miss Benny’s character to be removed from Fuller House and did not ask the writers, producers, or studio executives to not have queer characters on the show. Fuller House has always welcomed a wide range of characters. I thought Miss Benny did a great job as ‘Casey’ on the show. We didn’t share any scenes together, so we didn’t get a chance to talk much while filming on set. I wish Miss Benny only the best.”


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Miss Benny Calls for Change

The 24-year-old star went on to say that her overall experience with Fuller House was positive and the majority of the cast and crew were warm and welcoming.

“The show ultimately led me to being on Glamorous on Netflix. Everything happens for a reason.”

“It continually blows my mind how queer people, specifically queer young adults and queer children, are being targeted and having to advocate for themselves against adults,” she added.

Glamorous is streaming now on Netflix.

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Miss Benny Opens Up About Homophobia on the ‘Fuller House’ Set – Candace Cameron Bure Responds
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