Miley Cyrus Recalls the Time She Flirted With Ariana Grande

Remember the iconic time the duo sang Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” together in animal onesies back in 2015?

As she unveils her latest single, “Used To Be Young,” Miley Cyrus embarks on a nostalgic journey down memory lane. The singer/songwriter is recounting the last thirty years of her life and telling fun stories along the way. She addresses tabloid scandals, previous relationships, music videos, and her time filming Hannah Montana.


Sometimes it feels like my life started when Hannah Montana was born. But before Hannah there was Miley. My fantasy was to light up the world with laughter, music & iconic moments that last beyond my lifetime. Decades later I continue to fulfill my purpose because of the love provided by my fans. This series “Used To Be Young” is inspired by my new single. Looking back on my life & sharing untold stories from 1992 until now. Let’s start at the beginning…. Forever, Miley Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 1

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Cyrus Talks Flirting with Ariana Grande

Fortunately for her fans, Cyrus’s series led her to her memorable duet with the renowned Wicked star, Ariana Grande. In case you forgot, the two performed Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” as part of Cyrus’ Backyard Sessions series.

“This is as serious as it can be, me gettin’ Ariana Grande in onesies performing in the backyard,” Cyrus exclaimed while showing off photos of the two young stars. Cyrus also recalled flirting with Grande during the performance, which caused the “Thank You, Next” singer to miss her cue.

“I was flirting with her and she was a little scared. We were having fun!”

The video has over 114 million views on YouTube and has surfaced online thousands of times since its release in 2015, with many fans gushing over how flustered Grande seemed.

Cyrus went on to describe the fellow Disney star as a “true friend” and added, “There’s never been a time where I’ve asked her to do something that was important to me that she didn’t come through, and same thing for me with her.”


Used To Be Young (Series) – PART 34

♬ Used To Be Young – Miley Cyrus

Don’t Dream It’s Over

If you are curious how Cyrus flirted with Grande, read their conversation below. Then watch the music video for the 10000 time like us.

“Are you a mouse or a bear?” Cyrus asked. “Whatever you are, it’s probably the cutest mouse bear I’ve ever seen.”

“I’m a unicorn, if you can’t tell,” she added. Eventually, Grande shyly adds, “You’re the cutest unicorn in the world.” Shortly after, she misses her turn to sing. The whole conversation took place during a musical interlude. Luckily, Cyrus swoops in and saves the day.

 “Sorry! I was flirting! Sorry!” she exclaimed and had the band play the part back.

Ariana and Miley’s Friendship

Though this backyard collaboration was the first time the singers came together, it was not their last. They later reunited to perform the same Crowded House hit at Grande’s 2017 One Love Manchester benefit concert. This event was organized to support the victims of the Manchester Arena bombing, which tragically occurred shortly after Grande’s earlier concert.

In 2019, Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande once again combined their musical prowess, this time in collaboration with Lana Del Rey. Together, they created the captivating single “Don’t Call Me Angel,” which featured prominently in the Charlie’s Angels remake released that same year.

Miley Cyrus Recalls the Time She Flirted With Ariana Grande
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