Meet the LGBTQ+ Couple Getting a ‘Bridgerton’ Wedding

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Tiffany Rae and Shanti Hinton are about to be the talk of the Ton.

In addition to delivering a scandalous third season of Bridgerton, Netflix is also working to help a real couple have their happily ever after. Dubbed The Event of the Season: A Bridgerton Wedding, the streaming service has chosen one couple to have a wedding fit for a Queen.

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Meet the Couple Behind the Bridgerton Wedding


Meet Tiffany Rae (she/her) and Shanti Hinton (they/them), a beautiful pair who will be the season’s stars. Like Penelope and Colin, Shanti and Tiffany were friends first before they started dating. “Their love story is truly one of friendship, authenticity, and understanding,” Netflix writes.

“I wasn’t really looking for someone, and Tiff wasn’t really looking for someone. We were really just in our own bubble in life, going through life and finding ourselves,” Shanti tells Tudum. “We were having those tough conversations as friends, we got a stronger connection through that. So that made us be like, ‘Wait a minute, actually, I could see this person as my person.’ ”

The couple have been working with celebrity wedding planner Alice Wilkes to create their perfect day, which will be broadcasted for all of us to see. Can you believe it? The Event of the Season: A Bridgerton Wedding will roll out in four parts starting May 21 through June 11th.

Watch the trailer below.

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Meet the LGBTQ+ Couple Getting a ‘Bridgerton’ Wedding
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