Influencer Gabe Adams-Wheatley Comes Out as Transgender

Makeup Arist Gabe Adams-Wheatley Comes Out as Transgender

Social media influencer and makeup artist Gabe Adams-Wheatley came out as transgender.

Gabe Adams-Wheatley, a TikTok influencer known for her creative makeup tutorials, has come out as transgender on Instagram. Adams-Wheatley, born with Hanhart syndrome, a rare genetic condition that left her without arms and legs, has advocated for body positivity, gender inclusivity, and disability rights through her social media presence.

In her Instagram story, Adams-Wheatley wrote, “This is me… This is who I’ve always been… This is who I’ll always be… I am trans.” She also updated her pronouns on social media to she/her.

Adams-Wheatley’s videos have been praised for breaking down barriers and challenging stereotypes about who can wear makeup. As a person without limbs, she has had to get creative about how she uses beauty products that are typically designed for two-handed people. Adams-Wheatley often shares her favorite products and techniques in her tutorials.

“I feel like my entire life, I’ve always had to prove myself and go beyond what people think the boundary could or should be for a person without arms and legs, or just with a disability in general.”

Adams-Wheatley’s decision to come out as transgender is a powerful reminder that beauty has no boundaries and that everyone deserves to express themselves in the way that feels most authentic. Her bravery and positivity have inspired millions of people worldwide, and we can’t wait to see what she’ll do next.

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Makeup Arist Gabe Adams-Wheatley Comes Out as Transgender
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