Lindsay Lohan Reveals What Iconic Role She’d Like to Revive

Lindsay Lohan is back in the rom-com game with a new holiday movie, Falling for Christmas, coming to Netflix.

Lindsay Lohan and Glee star Chord Overstreet are the stars of Falling for Christmas, a Netflix holiday film about a spoiled hotel heiress who loses her memory. Lohan and Overstreet spoke with Gayety’s Caitlynn McDaniel about the new film and why this was the perfect first step back into the industry.

“I think the biggest thing was that it’s a holiday film,” Lohan explained. “I’ve never done a holiday-themed movie. On top of that, it’s Christmas and who doesn’t love Christmas?”

Definitely not us.

As if being a Christmas movie isn’t enough, Lohan also said the film has an amazing comfort to it, perfect for anyone who is looking to escape for an hour or two.

“It’s a really light, lovely rom-com with fun and happiness and family and laughter. It’s just a really cozy great movie.”

Adding this one to my Christmas movie binge list as we speak!

Wait, are Lindsay and Chord Going to Sing?

In addition to the festive vibes and sweet romance, the movie also has a killer soundtrack. Lohan previously revealed that she recorded a cover of the classic Christmas hit “Jingle Bell Rock” – which excited any and ALL Mean Girls fans. As for Overstreet, the musician has written his own Christmas song for the film’s soundtrack.

“It’s called ‘Everybody Loves Christmas.’ That song to me, I would compare it to a hot chocolate.”

“I’ve never written a Christmas song before so it’s so cool to be a part of a movie and actually have music in it and kinda narrate that story.”

The 33-year-old actor is playing Jack, a handsome lodge owner who helps Lohan’s Sierra after she suffers from amnesia.


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Falling for Christmas is Only the Beginning for Lohan

Falling for Christmas is the first of a three-part movie deal Lohan signed with Netflix. She has been filming in Ireland for her second project titled, Irish Wish. But what other roles would Lohan like to take on? Or revisit?

“Definitely love to remake a movie like All About Eve. Just get some really talented actresses together and make a great remake of that movie. And I love Ann-Margret.”

All About Eve is a 1950 American drama starring Bette Davis, Anne Baxter and Marilyn Monroe. It follows an aspiring actress named Eve Harrington (Baxter) who runs into Broadway icon Margo Channing (Davis). Eve becomes close with all of Margo’s friends, but she has an ulterior motive.

How iconic would it be to see this story brought back to life with Lohan as a lead?

Watch the full interview with Overstreet and Lohan below and stream Falling for Christmas now on Netflix.

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