Lesbian Pop Artist Keeana Kee and Rapper Dai Burger Unveil Empowering Club Anthem “NUMB”

In a sensational fusion of musical prowess, lesbian pop sensation Keeana Kee and rapper Dai Burger have unleashed their latest electrifying collaboration, “NUMB.” This dynamic club track isn’t just about grooving to the beat – it’s a message of self-love and healing that urges listeners to escape their everyday problems and embrace their inner strength – even if only for a moment. Hailing from Los Angeles, the song is masterfully produced by The Track Burnaz.

Keeana Kee has consistently used her music to spread positivity and inspiration, encouraging people worldwide to do the same.

“The happiest thing on Earth is to do you, to be yourself, to stay true to yourself,” she told Gayety. “Because nothing else, that you’re gonna cover things up with, is gonna make you happy, truly happy.”

Making a Sultry Music Video With an All-Lesbian Cast

Known for her genre-blending artistry, which seamlessly merges pop, Latin, and Afropop influences, Keeana’s sultry vocals and exotic beats have been igniting dance floors around the globe. Now, with “NUMB,” she takes her musical journey to new heights, teaming up with fellow New Yorker and rapper Dai Burger to create an seductive video perfect for the summertime.

“It was the last minute video. We shot it in Miami. I’m based in New York, and Dai Burger, the featuring artist on a song is based in New York as well. So we were like, you know what, let’s create this like something super cool and where can we get ourselves together?

“So we actually took a trip to Miami. I planned everything. I wanted to make something edgy because the, that song itself, the lyrics are quite edgy.”

Though the song is known as a party anthem, it’s lyrics hold a powerful message about self-love and powering through difficult times.

Put your guns down
Bet your time on it
It will end
But very slowly
Just honor your world
Honor your world
Whatever’s your goal
Never give up

Keeana expressed that her music and writing serve as her outlets for venting, allowing her to articulate the words she craves to hear. Then when she is ready, she shares it with the world.

Watch the Music Video for “Numb”

As an active member of the LGBTQ community, Keeana fearlessly celebrates queer female sexuality, a trait evident not just in her music but also in her visually striking videos.

Keeana and Dai Burger are joined by DJ Citizen Jane and music artist Ariana Castelli, forming an all-lesbian cast. The casting aligns with Keeana’s unwavering commitment to pushing boundaries and breaking down stereotypes through her art.

Being Her True, Unapologetic Self

Keeana Kee’s remarkable journey from Latvian-born, London-raised fashion supermodel to a musical sensation with an indomitable spirit is nothing short of inspiring. Drawing inspiration from iconic ’90s divas like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Beyoncé, Keeana infuses her music with a refreshing blend of sensuality and fun, uplifting listeners and empowering them to embrace their authenticity.

To this day, LGBTQ+ artists can face prejudice and bias from individuals in the industry just because of their sexuality, but Keeana does not let this faze her.

“A lot of producers, videographers, anyone in the industry, when they find out, ‘oh, she’s a lesbian.’ I don’t know what the problem is, but that’s the reality.

“But you know what, there’s always people, there are always people who will love you for who you are, and that’s who you wanna have. That’s the following I wanna have. If you don’t like me, I’m sorry. Like, you don’t have to look at me or be following me or anything. And so I’m very happy to have the following that’s real and close to me and a lot of queer people, and I’m just, it’s joy, pure joy.”

What’s Next for Keeana Kee

“Well, I’m working on the new album, so stay tuned. I’m super excited to share that with you. We have a few more videos coming out. The next one is “Let’s Make Love” and “Genius.” I’m also posting a lot of little snippets on my social, so follow me on Instagram, TikTok, anywhere. I’m everywhere and you can stay tuned.”

Keeana will also be playing a concert later this year at The Dinah Shore. “It’s going to be my first time there ever,” she gushed. “And I’ve heard so much about it. I saw so many videos. I am super excited. It’s like the world’s biggest LGBTQ, non-binary event in the world that I know about.”

The festival will take place from September 20-24th in Palm Springs, California. Keeana will perform on Sunday at the Funday Pool Party.

Watch our full interview with Keeana below.

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Lesbian Pop Artist Keeana Kee and Rapper Dai Burger Unveil Empowering Club Anthem “NUMB”
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