Joe Locke Comes Out as Gay

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Though many outlets have previously commented on the Heartstopper star’s sexuality, Joe Locke is taking back the power and coming out.

Netflix’s Heartstopper not only captivated audiences with its heartwarming storyline but also propelled Joe Locke, who portrays Charlie, and his co-star Kit Connor, known as Nick, into global stardom. Their on-screen chemistry sparked endless chatter on social media, unfortunately not always positive. Speculation about their sexualities took center stage, with assumptions swirling that Locke was openly gay, a topic he recently addressed in an enlightening interview with Teen Vogue.

“People have assumed and written it, and I haven’t ever corrected anyone because I haven’t felt the need to,” Locke told the outlet. “But I’ve never specifically stated my sexuality.” 

Setting the record straight, he revealed for the first time that he is indeed gay and has known since he was nine years old. He reflected on the careful consideration he gave to his family and friends before making his public declaration, explaining, “It’s a weird guilt I sometimes feel that, by association, their lives are affected by choices in my life. It’s a mutual thing. I need to learn my boundaries, and people need to learn theirs. Most attention comes from a really good place, and I hope I always appreciate that.”

Though he has so much love for the Heartstopper family, some fans have unfortunately taken their passion for the show a bit too far. According to the interview, the actor’s mother has had to create all new social media accounts because of fan attention. One fan even got a hold of his grandmother’s phone number in an attempt to get closer to him.

How Heartstopper Has Affected the Cast

The journey to self-acceptance wasn’t exclusive to Locke. In a twist of irony, the show’s theme of accepting different sexual orientations and battling bullying translated into real life for Kit Connor. In October 2022, Connor bravely came out as bisexual on social media after feeling pressured by fans to define his sexuality. His tweet, “I’m bi. Congrats for forcing an 18-year-old to out himself. I think some of you missed the point of the show. Bye,” shed light on the challenges faced by young public figures.

Heartstopper season two is out now on Netflix and dives even deeper into the lives of these beloved characters. Highlighting Nick’s coming out, Isaac’s voyage of self-discovery, and the blossoming romance between Tao and Elle, this series is an essential watch for LGBTQ+ audiences.

We love you Joe and Kit! Thank you for everything you and the Heartstopper cast have done for the community!

Season two of Heartstopper is out now on Netflix.

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Joe Locke Comes Out as Gay
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