Leigh-Anne Pinnock opens up about her solo journey, empowering music, and the overwhelming support she received, as she steps into a whole new world, ready to conquer the music scene with her unapologetic honesty and powerful vocals.

Little Mix, the chart-topping girl group that captured the hearts of fans worldwide, announced their breakup, leaving many fans saddened by the news. However, the end of Little Mix marked the beginning of exciting new solo ventures for its members. Leigh-Anne Pinnock, (known now as just Leigh-Anne), one of the group’s talented vocalists, wasted no time in pursuing her solo music career. With the release of her highly anticipated debut single, Leigh-Anne is making her mark as a solo artist, showcasing her powerful voice and delivering empowering messages through her songs.

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Leigh-Anne Speaks Her Truth

I sat down with Leigh-Anne for an exciting and candid interview about her solo debut single “Don’t Say Love”. When asked about her new music, the singer expressed her excitement, stating, “I feel good. Stepping into this whole new solo world feels slightly surreal but good. It feels right, and I’m so excited.”

Reflecting on the release day, she shared her anticipation and the overwhelming support she received. “I put the teaser out while I was on my honeymoon, and I couldn’t even relax. I was checking my phone, seeing everyone’s reaction. And then, on the day it came out, it was my launch party, and I was just excited and happy. It went straight to number one on iTunes, and I was just like, ‘Wow.'”

The Message Behind the Music

Leigh-Anne also delved into her creative process and the message behind her music. She explained, “I had so much on my chest that I wanted to put out there—lived experiences, things in my relationship, being a mom. I was just so ready to talk about them.” She emphasized the importance of being true to oneself and shared, “I wanted to be influenced by different genres I loved growing up and put my stamp on it.”

The conversation turned to her BBC documentary, Race, Pop, and Power, where Leigh-Anne discussed her experiences in the music industry and feeling undervalued due to the color of her skin. She confessed, “I couldn’t quite come to terms with being looked at differently. But putting the Instagram video out and saying it was the best thing I ever did. This weight just came off my shoulders.”

Credit: @leigh-anne/YouTube

Showing Gratitude for the LGBTQ+ Community

Leigh-Anne expressed immense gratitude for her LGBTQ+ following, both during her time with Little Mix and now in her solo career. “To know that I have that support is beautiful, and I’m just so grateful to be able to have that support.”

The interview concluded with a glimpse into Leigh-Anne’s future plans. She teased her second single, set to follow the empowering message of her current release, and mentioned that her album would be an open letter, allowing fans to know her on a deeper level. Leigh-Anne assured fans that live performances are on the horizon, as she believes they complete the experience.

As we wrapped up the interview, Leigh-Anne left her fans with a heartfelt message, urging them to stream her new song and expressing her love and gratitude for their support. With her powerful vocals and unapologetic honesty, Leigh-Anne Pinnock is poised to conquer the music scene as she embarks on her solo journey.

Watch the music video for “Don’t Say Love” here.

Watch our full interview with Leigh-Anne below.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock Opens Up About Her Solo Journey and Empowering Music
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