Why Fans Are Convinced Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ is a Lesbian

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Is Lesbian Barbie confirmed?

Greta Gerwig’s highly anticipated Barbie film, which will follow the sparkly pink Mattel doll on her journey from Barbie Land to the Real World, is floating into theaters later this month. Though fans are eager to learn the film’s plot (the trailer and promotional interviews are intentionally vague), the question on our minds is whether or not Barbie is a lesbian.

From what we can gather from the released teasers, Barbie goes through some life crises. In one trailer, she interrupts their choreographed dance number to ask her fellow Barbies and Kens, “do you guys ever think about dying?” Later, Barbie reveals changes she has noticed daily – like cold showers, falling off her roof, and her tragically flat feet. According to the all-knowing Marker Face Barbie (Kate McKinnin), Barbie must go an a journey to the Real World to discover the truth about the universe. No pressure or anything. Luckily for our blonde bestie, she’s got a Ken (Ryan Gosling) to keep her company.

Despite Ken being one of the main protagonists in the trailer, he does not have the greatest reputation. All Barbie dolls, such as President Barbie, Diplomat Barbie, and Mermaid Barbie, are given a specific role. But all Kens are described as just Kens. One clip of Gosling from the movie even revealed that he considers his occupation to be, “beach.” Barbie did not invite him on her journey, he packed a bag and tagged along. But what does this have to do with Barbie’s sexuality?


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It’s Never About Ken

Barbie and Ken have a long-running history. In several iterations of Barbie, they depict Ken as her soulmate. In the Barbie trailer, one hilarious scene shows Barbie and Ken discussing spending the night with each other because they’re “boyfriend girlfriend.” However, neither of them know what this really means and Barbie never seems interested in growing their romance. Ken is always the one taking initiative and asking to spend time with his crush.


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The Longing in Her Eyes for Gloria

In addition to meeting a wide variety of Barbie and Ken dolls, this film also introduces a wild toy company CEO (Will Ferrel) and a Mattel employee named Gloria (America Ferrera). The interactions between Gloria and Barbie have been minimum so far, but that has not stopped dedicated fans from pointing out the love in these two’s eyes.

Ferrera and Robbie have also conducted interviews together and these fan edits are everything! If Barbie is having a romance in this film, we are rooting for #Baria.

Robbie Keeps Dropping Hints About a Surprising Twist

Robbie has admitted that she did not think this film would ever make it to the big screen.

“The script was … when I read it, I thought, this is genius, and they’re never going to let us make it, what a shame, this is all going to go to waste,” Robbie told Fandango.

“It’s not just that the movie is unexpected, I think it’s like, Greta kind of pushes in directions that I didn’t think they’d let us go in.”

Ferrera pitched in and said the movie grappled with the idea of bringing “Barbie into the 21st century”.

Barbie will hit theaters on July 21.

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Why Fans Are Convinced Margot Robbie’s ‘Barbie’ is a Lesbian
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