Learn How to Manscape With Kyle Krieger and Max Emerson

This is a photo of Max Emerson manscaping.

Manscaping is an art, but with the Kyle Krieger and Max Emerson’s help, you can master it. Krieger uploaded a very informative how-to video to YouTube in which he and Emerson walk you through the ins and outs of grooming your nether regions.

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The description of the video reads: “Max Emerson and I decided to do a video on manscaping our private parts and how we do it. I never really knew anything about this growing up and in college because I was clueless.. so I thought this could be a fun, informative, and of course a little silly. Please let me know in the comments below what you think and how you mascape!”

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Now, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, and obviously these boys like their holes smooth and supple (who doesn’t?). Whether you you keep your purple starfish hairy or hairless, you should do your research. So, before you get too excited, watch the video below!

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