Killer Terrorizes Kevin Bacon’s Conversion Camp in ‘They/Them’ Trailer

“They welcome them, they see them, they hear them, they fear them.”

They/Them (pronounced they-slash-them) is a new slasher film from award-winning screenwriter John Logan and Blumhouse. It follows a group of teens who are spending their summer at an LGBTQIA+ conversion camp led by Owen Whistler (Kevin Bacon). Everything about Owen and the other camp counselors is eery and unsettling, but then a psycho killer in a mask starts killing campers, and everything gets a lot worse.

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Peacock previously released a short teaser that set the mood for the film, but the newly released two-minute trailer provides us with a closer look at what to expect.

“I’m guessing that some of you, you’re not happy, maybe you don’t fit in. People make fun of you. Well, I can’t make you straight, but you give us this week, and we might be able to help.”

Meet the Campers and Counselors

THEY/THEM — Pictured: — (Photo by: Josh Stringer/Blumhouse)

We first meet Jordan (Theo Germaine), a transgender and non-binary camper who made a deal with their religious parents to legally emancipate if the camp doesn’t “work.”

When the group learns they’ll sleep in different cabins based on their gender, Jordan says, “I use they/them pronouns, as in… ‘they can’t believe they’re at this camp.’”

There’s also a transgender woman named Alexandra (Quei Tann), Stu (Cooper Koch), a gay jock who longs to fit in at college, a bisexual camper named Veronica (Monique Kim), a closeted lesbian named Kim (Anna Lore), and Gabriel (Darwin Del Fabro), a sensitive gay camper who’s sick of being bullied.

Anna Chlumsky rounds out the They/Them cast as Molly, the camp’s medic, and Carrie Preston as Cora Whistler, a licensed therapist for the camp and the wife of Owen.

“Do you think your parents are disappointed in you? So what do you do? You try to make yourself special. You become they.”

The campers undergo frightening conversion tactics all while fleeing a sinister masked figure.

What’s really going on at Camp Whistler?

Find out on August 5 when They/Them premieres on Peacock.

Killer Terrorizes Kevin Bacon’s Conversion Camp in ‘They/Them’ Trailer
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