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“Keep Our Country Gay” Says Donald Trump


Another video of Trump has gone viral, and we can’t help but comment on it. Long story short, former president Donald Trump recently asked his followers to “Keep our country gay.” Trump rose to the highest office in the country with the now infamous “Make America Great Again,” campaign slogan. Is Trump, the same president who stacked the courts with anti-LGBTQ+, undergoing a rebrand? Not even a little.

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A Fabulous Flub

While speaking at one of his many rallies, Trump had a teeny tiny slip of the tongue. The former president was in North Carolina to support the midterm candidates he endorsed when he made the boo-boo. In an attempt to reference his—now cliché—slogan, Trump called on his supporters to keep the country gay. “Remember I was going to say, to use an expression, ‘we have to keep our country gay,'” Trump said, before malfunctioning slightly. “But it’s not, I mean, for some reason, it’s just not great anymore.”

Twitter Had A Lot to Say

Listen, we are obviously on board with a gayer country, but at what cost? Seriously, the flub was funny enough, but the subsequent Twitter storm enshrined it into memedom. Check out some of our favorite select moments below.

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We Finally Agree

As funny as the flub is, let it serve as a reminder of what’s at stake in this upcoming midterm and subsequent election cycle. Trump-endorsed public officials and a second Trump presidency. The untold damage Donald Trump could do to gay folks in a second term is hard to imagine. If you’re in Georgia, or anywhere else in the U.S. for that matter, make sure you’re registered to vote. We have to do our part in keeping this parody of a man very far away from the microphone at all costs. In the end, it seems the only time we agree with the former president is when he’s misspeaking. We can live with that.

“Keep Our Country Gay” Says Donald Trump
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