UPDATE: All photos and Instagram embeds have been removed from this article and are no longer available.

I surrender.

We need to talk about Karamo Brown’s Instagram because he is living his absolute best life right now. Whether it’s a skinny dip in an infinity pool or an ATV ride with hot friends, we want exactly what he ordered, please. Brown posted himself lounging in a pool that looked like it was plucked right out of a utopian dream.

If that wasn’t enough, he also posted a video of himself, actor Chris Salvatore, and their bare…assets…splashing around as if 1.2 million people weren’t watching them. The caption read “Being Artsy In The Infinity…”

We love that for you, Karamo. Salvatore also posted a shot from the pool, with one more item of clothing than was really necessary but we can forgive him this time. Suns out, buns out!When he’s not letting it all hang out in the pool, Brown has been spending his time off-roading with his beefy shirtless palls. All of whom were wearing face coverings, which we love to see.

If there’s one thing better than a naked romp in the water, it’s Karamo’s relationship with his partner of ten years, Ian Jordan. Engaged in 2018, the couple are still going strong and plan to wed later this year. No amount of 4-wheeler abs or infinity pool butt can get in their way. Having said that, Karamo, if you need a plus one for your next idyllic getaway…

Karamo Brown and Chris Salvatore Skinny Dipping Is Our Entire Vision Board
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