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JK Rowling Takes Aim at Trans Youth Organization


JK Rowling is criticizing a transgender youth charity on Twitter. Here we go again.

On Monday, Harry Potter author JK Rowling shared an anti-trans article from The Telegraph. The outlet sent an anonymous adult to Mermaids, a charity and advocacy organization that supports gender variant and transgender youth. Disguised as a 14-year-old, the person sought out information from the organization and printed a report on their findings.

“@Mermaids_Gender’s Chair of Trustees recently gave evidence under oath that Mermaids is ‘not a medical organisation.’ Now an investigation reveals they’re advising kids on puberty blockers and providing binders to underage girls without parental consent,” Rowling tweeted.

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Most of the points made by The Telegraph are in regards to services Mermaids openly speaks about and offers. They aim to support transgender, nonbinary, and gender-diverse children and teens through their secure online communities. They also openly offer youth chest binders and life-saving puberty blockers.

Mermaids’ Response to The Telegraph’s Statement

Mermaids issued a statement of their own to clarify their stance “and offer some reassurance to anyone who might have concerns about some of the issues raised.”


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In reply to criticism against binders, Mermaids said they provide this care to ultimately reduce harm. “Providing a young person with a binder and comprehensive safety guidelines from an experienced member of staff is preferable to the likely alternative of unsafe practices and/or continued or increasing dysphoria.” The nonprofit said that they consider any risk “within the context of our safeguarding framework.”

Mermaids also addressed puberty blockers. They clarified that this safe, reversible healthcare option is “recommended by medical authorities in the UK and internationally.” Mermaids explained that puberty blockers “have been used to treat precocious (i.e. early) puberty in children, and adults as part of treatment for some hormone-dependent cancers, and for conditions such as endometriosis.”

“Puberty blockers allow a young person to consider their options while exploring their gender identity, as well as alleviating the distress of gender dysphoria.”

The Head of Communications at Mermaids, Carrie Lyell, also reached out to Rowling on Twitter.

However, Rowling criticized any organization or celebrity who supported the Mermaids organization, like Emma Watson or U.S. representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“Due diligence,” is an interesting take considering Rowlings’ refusal to actually engage with the medical consensus or experts on this issue. The data is abundantly clear. Puberty blockers save lives. If you’d like to support the important work that Mermaids is doing for trans youth visit their website.

JK Rowling Takes Aim at Trans Youth Organization
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