Jamie Lee Curtis Passionately Kissed Michelle Yeoh at the SAG Awards

Jamie Lee Curtis Passionately Kissed Michelle Yeoh at the SAG Awards

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Jamie Lee, you are all of us!

Twitter is in shambles after beloved Halloween actress Jamie Lee Curtis smacked a big smooch on her Everything Everywhere All At Once (EEAAO) co-star Michelle Yeoh at this weekend’s SAG Awards. Are we in a sapphic dream right now?

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For anyone who missed the iconic moment, here is how it all went down. Curtis won the award for best female actor in a supporting role for her portrayal of Deirdre Beaubeirdre in EEAAO. “Shut up,” she exclaimed before jumping on her feet. Yeoh also rose from her table, and the two shared a sweet hug before Curtis reached over, grabbed Yeoh’s face, and passionately kissed her on the lips.

After the Knives Out star took the stage, she again expressed her love for her co-star. “Where is Michelle Yeoh?” she asked the audience. She then told everyone that Yeoh was why she signed onto the film and had the crowd chant her name. “I say, ‘Michelle.’ You say, ‘Yeoh!’… Michelle Yeoh, I love you, I love you, I love you!”

Jamie Lee Curtis Reacts to SAG Kiss

We are shocked we are existing in a time where this kiss exists, and so is Curtis! During an interview with ET after her acceptance speech, the 64-year-old actress had to double-check that it all actually happened.

“I kissed her? Did I really… I kissed her?,” she said before looking to her team for confirmation.

“Then… I kissed her! I love Michelle Yeoh. We love each other. We fell in love with each other,” she continued. “She’s married. I met her husband in England, he’s lovely. I also have a husband.”

While Twitter users are upset they are not the ones kissing Yeoh, one user cleverly reminded us of Ariana DeBose’s BAFTA rap.

This is not the first time the two women have almost broken the internet because of their sweet relationship. Last month, a new meme was born when Curtis celebrated Yeoh’s Golden Globe win in a big way. The meme made its way onto a shirt which, of course, found Curtis. She wore the shirt proudly on Instagram and said she’s delighted the moment has become a symbol for women supporting women.

Watch Curtis’ full SAG Award acceptance speech below.

Jamie Lee Curtis Passionately Kissed Michelle Yeoh at the SAG Awards
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