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If You Like ‘Elite’ You’ll Love Netflix’s Indian Adaptation


We may have a small obsession with Elite. You don’t need to roll out the intervention just yet, but it might be time for us to diversify our interests. Luckily, Netflix has the answer and this time it’s coming from India. Class, an Indian adaptation of Elite is coming to the streaming service very soon.

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For those uninitiated with Elite, the Spanish show follows the antics of a wealthy group of students at a fictional secondary school called Las Encinas. The show is known for including queer characters from its inception and has gained a loyal LGBTQ+ audience as a result. Elite is also part of an ongoing trend of scandalous high school teen dramas like Euphoria. Having said that, Elite turns up the drama with countless sexual exploits and even murder. Though many fans have stuck with the show despite losing their favorite characters, some fans are tired of the show’s somewhat repetitive format.

India’s Answer to Elite

Here comes Class to save the day. The Indian adaptation of Elite takes place in a wealthy private school in New Delhi. The series follows three students from varying backgrounds as they navigate the complex social dynamics at Hampton International. Class is set to be packed with just as much drama and intrigue. The trailer was released during Netflix Tudum, a global fan event that covers Netflix’s original programming. The cast stars Anjali, Ayesha Kanga, Chayan Chopra, Chintan Rach, Cyaawal Singh, Gurfateh Pirzada, Madhyama Segal, Moses Koul, Naina Bhan, Piyush Khati, Sivaraman, and Zeyn Shaw.

Class Indian Elite Gay


The trailer also teased some queer storylines. Blink and you’ll miss it, but if you keep your finger over the pause button you might see two guys making out. There are also some shots of a gay couple passionately embracing. It’s certainly a relief that the show will not stray away from its queer-friendly roots.

Class is a universe I always envisioned designing for India,” said director Ashim Ahluwalia in a statement. “Each character’s journey is unpredictable and fascinating. Young people can be highly emotional and impulsive, which makes for great dramatic conflict. Nobody remains unchanged and these layers in the narrative make it a wild, addictive watch.” We’re still waiting for a release date for Class, but given the momentum around Elite, we’re sure it won’t be long. If you can’t wait for the Indian Elite, don’t forget that Elite season 6 is coming on November 18.

Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for more.

If You Like ‘Elite’ You’ll Love Netflix’s Indian Adaptation
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