Learn How to Shave Your Balls the Safest Way


The safest way to shave your balls. But, as any well-groomed guy knows these days, when it comes to your “down there” area — your pubic hair, to put it bluntly — you must consider pubic protocol. Pube-etiquette, if you will. Unfortunately, there’s no Emily Post guide to follow for how to shave your pubic area for men.

Correct manscaping isn’t just the polite thing to do. It’s expected by your partner for several reasons. Intimacy often feels better without a bunch of hair blocking the sensation, and less hair means less moisture and odor — and more sexy. There is a right way to get yourself smooth as a baby’s bottom while avoiding ingrown hairs, nicks and other potential problems. Here are some men’s grooming tips that will help with how to shave your pubic hair correctly.


Lubricate sufficiently
Choosing the right shaving cream is a key step in getting a close shave without any accidental, and painful, injuries. For this extremely sensitive area of your body, choose a high-quality shaving gel or cream, and don’t even think of using soap. We recommend the Manscaped Preserver. Reviewers say it makes hair follicles softer and provides you with a very smooth shave.

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Before you begin shaving, take a warm shower, exfoliate your skin and apply a good shaving oil to soften everything up.

Get the right tools
Toss out any dull, cheap, disposable or old razors and get yourself a quality razor. Do not, under any circumstances, use an electric shaver meant for your face. Using disposable, dull razors or those meant for other body parts will leave you with nicks and cuts galore. Use a razor with a head that pivots and that has multiple blades for a close, smooth shave that’s pain-free.

If your hair is long, before shaving take off some of the length by using hair clippers with a very short guard. You also can place a comb against your skin and use scissors to trim over the top. After applying your cream, shave your balls first in the direction of your hair growth and then again in the other direction. To avoid irritation, don’t go over the same area repeatedly. Be sure to clean your blade frequently.

Don’t get irritated
Once you’re done shaving, rinse your skin well to remove any remaining shaving cream. Pat, don’t rub, your skin with a nonabrasive towel. To hydrate your skin, apply a little more of your pre-shaving oil or a little unscented lotion. Then periodically use a product intended to keep irritation and ingrown hairs at bay, like the Fresh Balls Lotion.

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Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to worry about how to shave your pubes? Theories abound about why people even have them. Release of scents that boost sexual stimulation? Keeping genitals warm? Whatever the reason, your partner will appreciate it if you follow these tips to keep your skin smooth and your pubic hair under control.

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