How to Get Hit on at the Gym

This is a photo of a man working out at a gay gym.
Cristian Baron

The gym is a gay man’s playground. It’s where we focus on ourselves our beauty and inner beauty.In gyms, testosterone runs rampant and thousands of calories are burned each and every day. It’s a place where hormones rage, our hearts beat powerfully and we try not to stare at bulges as they bounce, one by one, to the water fountain.

But for those of us who want to leave our hearts in the weight room, there are countless ways to flirt while working out and for most of us, it’s common sense. So tie up the sneakers and pay attention. Here’s how you do it:

1. Take out the earbuds

Earbuds are our greatest ally — I don’t know where I’d be without mine. But keep them in only when you’re doing cardio; don’t be afraid to exist in the real world the rest of the time. Plugging your ears also cancels out the noise, which means you won’t pay any attention to anyone.

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Seeing someone with earbuds in makes us believe they don’t want to chat. Even a simple “Are you using this machine?” feels awkward. Open yourself up! Toss the buds.

2. Go where the men roam

It’s fine if you like doing soul cycle, body pump classes, or if you like to hang by machines without ever going into a weight room. But trust me when I say the weight room is where it’s AT.

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Don’t be intimidated by the weights or the attractive men lifting them. Even if you’re in there for a couple minutes, lift something, do a set, then leave. Be seen! The important thing is for guys to get a look at you, for them to know you’re there.

3. Moan with purpose

It’s one thing for a man to hear you moan like a banshee giving birth. But it’s another when you’re on the ground doing yoga and you slip into a sensual, “Ooo …” while in a downward dog position.

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Trust me, we have ears, and we use them. Anything that sounds sexual, whether we find you attractive or not, is going to get our attention. Our imagination runs wild on top of our racing heartbeat and raging hormones. Don’t be surprised if we follow you to the water fountain.

4. Mirrors work both ways

When we work out in front of mirrors, it’s never about us. Half the time we look at our technique to be sure everything is aligned right, but there are serious amounts of time when we pay attention to our neighbors lifting next to us. It’s a lot more entertaining.

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Don’t be afraid to use the mirror to your advantage. It can be used both ways. Show yourself off of course, but also make him aware that you see him too. Work out like normal in the meantime.

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