How Colman Domingo Found Love, On Craigslist!

Colman Domingo is here to prove that love at first sight does exist.

Hollywood Star Finds Love in an Unexpected Place

Oscar-nominated actor Colman Domingo (Rustin) has a heartwarming love tale with his husband, Raúl. Together for nearly two decades, Domingo recently shared their adorable meet-cute on the Graham Norton Show, proving that sometimes, missed connections really do lead to lasting love.

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A Chance Encounter at Walgreens

Imagine this: Berkeley, California, 2005. Domingo walks into a Walgreens and locks eyes with Raúl, who’s leaving the store. With his striking long hair, lip piercing, and undeniable charm, Raúl instantly catches Domingo’s attention. Despite Domingo’s attempt to catch up and wave, Raúl walks away, leaving Domingo in awe, eventually wandering into a Blockbuster across the street.

Fate Steps In Through Craigslist

Not ready to give up, Domingo turns to Craigslist’s Missed Connections, curious if they could actually work. To his amazement, he finds a post from Raúl describing their encounter outside Walgreens. It was posted just two hours ago! Ecstatic, Domingo responds, and the two plan their first date. Trying to play it cool, Domingo intends to head home afterward, but Raúl persuades him to stay “to cuddle.” In a tender, half-asleep confession, Domingo whispers, “I love you, and I think you’re about to change my life.”

The two have been together for nineteen years!

A Love Story for the Ages

This heartwarming story of Domingo and Raúl’s meeting is a testament to the power of taking a chance on love, even when it seems like a long shot. Their successful Craigslist connection turned into a beautiful, enduring relationship, showing us all that sometimes, the universe has a way of bringing people together.

Watch Colman Domingo recount this incredibly romantic journey on the Graham Norton Show.

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How Colman Domingo Found Love, On Craigslist!
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