Paul Mescal Admits He “Fell in Love” With Andrew Scott

Paul Mescal’s Enchanting Chemistry with Andrew Scott

On the set of the captivating drama All of Us Strangers, something magical happened between Paul Mescal and Andrew Scott. Mescal, in a heartfelt interview with British Vogue, revealed how he “fell in love” with Scott during filming. The duo, already friends, found a deeper connection through their characters’ emotional bond. Mescal describes it as “the perfect climate to fall in love with Andrew as a human being.” It’s hard not to get swept up in this behind-the-scenes romance!

Mescal’s Fascination with His Character, Harry

But it wasn’t just Scott who stole Mescal’s heart. The character of Harry, presented to him by creator Andrew Haigh, captivated Mescal from the start. He admired Harry’s boldness and the way he used it to mask his inner turmoil. A particular line in the film, “How come no one found me?” deeply moved Mescal, highlighting Harry’s vulnerability and struggle with being deserted due to his sexuality. This poignant moment consistently tugs at Mescal’s heartstrings.

A Tale of Love and Mystery: The Plot of ‘All of Us Strangers’

All of Us Strangers weaves a mysterious and emotional tale. It centers on Adam, played by Scott, a screenwriter who returns to his childhood home only to discover a shocking truth. His parents, portrayed by Claire Foy and Jamie Bell, appear unchanged despite being dead for over 30 years. Amidst this mystery, Adam falls for his intriguing neighbor, Harry, igniting a story of love and intrigue.

Andrew Scott’s Joy in His Identity

Scott also shared his profound happiness about being and playing gay. Speaking to Attitude, Scott calls it an “extraordinary privilege” and feels “lucky” to have this identity. His role as Adam in Andrew Haigh’s acclaimed drama allows him to explore deep emotions and connect with audiences on a personal level.

“When we read positive things or see representation on screen, when we see ourselves, we think: ‘Oh, well, we can forge a way in the world’. That’s why a movie like this is so important, because it’s incredibly compassionate and tender, but it also doesn’t erase the fact that it’s painful and it can be lonely being gay.

Critics and Audiences Alike Adore the Film

This fantasy-drama has enchanted Mescal and Scott and won over critics and audiences worldwide. With a stellar 95% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the film has garnered universal praise. Its excellence is further recognized with six BAFTA nominations, spanning categories like Outstanding British Film and Director, and Golden Globes nods. Although it didn’t snag a Golden Globe win, the nominations speak volumes about the film’s impact.

Catch ‘All of Us Strangers’ in Theaters

Don’t miss the chance to dive into this heartwarming and mysterious journey. All of Us Strangers is showing in cinemas now. And for a sneak peek, you can check out the full trailer below. Join the audience in experiencing the enchanting chemistry that has everyone talking!

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Paul Mescal Admits He “Fell in Love” With Andrew Scott
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