HBO Max Announced Its First Gay Superhero Project

HBO Max Announced Its First Gay Superhero Project

DC Comics

HBO Max announced an LGBTQ+ superhero would join Aquaman’s world.

DC is about to beat Marvel in a race to the queer finish line. DC is granting its LGBTQ+ superhero, Aqualad, a show based on the comic “You Brought Me The Ocean.”

What Is “You Brought Me The Ocean”?

The series will follow Jake Hyde, a closeted college student who comes to terms with his sexuality and searches for answers about his heritage. Unfortunately for Jake, being gay isn’t the only secret he has had to keep — the teen has blue markings on his skin that glow when they touch the water. For years, he had to hide who he was, but when he traces his roots back to Atlantis, there is no more denying his destiny.

Like many of the recent DC projects, it’s unclear how the Auqalad series will intersect with the larger DC universe, but we know fans hoping to see Jason Mamoa make a cameo as Aquaman.

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One star already attached to the project is Charlize Theron, who will produce the series with her production company Denver & Delilah Films. While HBO hasn’t confirmed Theron’s participation outside production, there is a definite possibility the academy award winner could also make an onscreen appearance.

Theron might seem like an unlikely producer for a queer superhero series, but the seasoned actress has starred in some of the most badass action films of the last decade. From Mad Max: Fury Road to Atomic Blonde and the Fast and Furious franchise— Theron has done it all.

Not only that, Theron has been a longtime and outspoken LGBTQ ally, and in 2019, while appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, she confirmed her daughter is transgender.

With Disney’s recent inclusion controversies, Marvel better get a move on! This announcement could bring more queer fans to the DC universe.

HBO Max Announced Its First Gay Superhero Project
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