These Fabulous T-Shirts are Perfect for Pride

Guy wearing an eggplant and peach emoji t-shirt

Pride season is just around the corner, and if you don’t have a couple of gay shirts to wear, you better get on it. Whether you would prefer something trendy like a #bottom t-shirt or a flirtatious eggplant emoji tank top, we have you covered.

Here are our top ten picks to make your Pride look pop!

1. Peach and Eggplant Emoji

It says “put your eggplant in my peach” without being overly explicit.
Price: $16.99

2. Butt Slut

Well, you’re not wasting any time are you?
Price: $15.99

3. No One Should Live in the Closet

Harry Potter fans rejoice; coming out is your choice!
Price: $21.99

4. Bear Periodic Table

Suggestive and smart.
Price: $19.99

5. Pole Dancing Unicorn

“I want to be that boring ass horse,” said no one ever.
Price: $17.95

6. Sounds Gay, Count Me In

… side you.
Price: $25.97

7. Sorry About Your Hole

Power top, anyone?
Price: $16.95

8. Make American Gay Again

Because gay is great.
Price: $21.99

9. Guncle

For when you take your favorite niece to a Pride Parade.
Price: $21.97

10. I Would Bottom You So Hard

So you can respond to the guy wearing the “Sorry About Your Hole” shirt.
Price: $24.97

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