Sam Smith’s Boyfriend Gave Him a Naughty Birthday Surprise

Sam Smith Smiling Backstage
Instagram / Sam Smith

Sam Smith’s boyfriend gave him a very naughty surprise for his birthday. 

Crooner Sam Smith celebrated his 26th birthday today, May 19, and this year he received some fabulous gifts. According to an Instagram post, Smith’s boyfriend, Brandon Flynn, gave him a few pieces of extraordinarily unique and erotic art.

Flynn commissioned Allen Cutler, an artist who works with needlepoint and embroidery, to pieces some unforgettable creations. All of the works are graphic in nature and depict exposed men with fantasy-inspired characteristics.

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Cutler took to Instagram to show off Smith’s gifts. He captioned the carousel of photographs: “Sam Smith with his birthday gift from Brandon. It makes me happy to see how happy he is in this picture.”

From the photo, it looks like Smith’s new needlepoint collection is comprised of a penis dripping with semen, winged-humanoid squatting, a mouth overflowing with a load and a star design with a penetration scene in the center.

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If you’d like a closer look at Smith’s new artwork, scroll down. If not, we totally understand!

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