Frankie Grande covers 'Seasons of Love'

Frankie Grande Covers ‘Seasons of Love’ With Ariana


How do you measure, measure a year?

If you ask Frankie Grande, he’ll tell you to measure in love. Grande enlisted the help of his friends, and his sister Ariana Grande, to cover “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical Rent. The song was written and composed by Jonathan Larson, and over the years countless artists also covered the song.

Grande credits his superstar sister as contributing her voice to the project and producing the vocals. In the video, he included shots of the famous siblings working on the arrangement.

“I am beyond honored to have worked on this incredible project with my best friends in the world including my wonderful sister. Thank you, Ariana, for vocal producing as well as adding your magical voice to this beautiful song.”

In the description on YouTube video, Grande notes the videos is part of a partnership with the upcoming Rent: Live on Fox. So, expect more covers of “Seasons of Love” to pop up on social media soon.

You can sing along to Rent: Live on Fox on January 27.

Frankie Grande Covers ‘Seasons of Love’ With Ariana
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