EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Elordi & Zachary Quinto Star in Thriller ‘He Went That Way’

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See Jacob Elordi and Zachary Quinto on a thrilling road trip in this exclusive clip from He Went That Way.

Directed by Jeff Darling and written by Evan M. Wiener, He Went That Way is a gripping 1964 thriller that transforms the typical buddy road trip into a chilling tale based on true events. With a runtime of 95 minutes and a riveting NR rating, the film stars Jacob Elordi as the 19-year-old serial killer Bobby, who takes an unexpected ride with celebrity animal handler Jim, portrayed by Zachary Quinto.

Courtesy of Vertical

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Set against the desolate backdrop of Route 66, the story takes a wicked turn when Jim’s precious cargo, the beloved TV sensation chimpanzee Spanky, becomes an unwitting companion to the increasingly tense duo. As stress escalates and the clash of their fiery personalities creates a volatile atmosphere, the road they travel becomes a treacherous path fraught with danger.

Dive into this exclusive clip, where Elordi and Quinto’s dynamic faces an electrifying test.

Based on a True Story

In 1964, the real-life chilling encounter between ice skater Dave Pitts, his chimpanzee Spanky, and a young hitchhiker amid a killing spree inspired Conrad Hilberry’s novel Luke Karamazov. This eerie tale comes to life in He Went That Way, Jeff Darling’s directorial debut. Tragically, Darling’s promising career was cut short by a 2022 surfing accident, leaving behind a visually striking legacy.

With stellar performances by Elordi and Quinto, this taut thriller keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

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He Went That Way is now playing in theaters and is available on-demand on January 12.

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EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Elordi & Zachary Quinto Star in Thriller ‘He Went That Way’
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