Enormous Python Bites Man’s Junk in Terrifying Toilet Attack

Man attacked by snake on toilet.

Well, we are taking Thailand off our list of gaycation locations for 2016.

One unfortunate man is making headlines after surviving a severe snake attack. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay, a Thailand resident, is recovering after recently being bitten on his twig and berries by an eleven-foot python.

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How did this happen, you ask? Boonmakchuay was minding his own business in the bathroom when the python pushed through the drain pipe, up into the toilet. Take a second and process this scenario; this is the thing of nightmares — your member, being made into a serpents snack pack.

Snake in a toilet.

After securing the slithering snake, the man was able to take control and remove his rod, although he passed out shortly after that. You’ll be happy to hear he is currently recovering. As for the snake, you’ll never believe this — he went back to his wife! Kidding, he was released back into the wild after being removed from the home.

Peta would be proud. Watch the video below!

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