Meet the Queer Cast of 'American Horror Story: NYC'

Meet the Queer Cast of ‘American Horror Story: NYC’

FX / American Horror Story: NYC

Fans of Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s American Horror Story anthology series are beyond excited for the premiere of the latest season. The eleventh season of the Emmy® and Golden Globe® winning franchise, AHS: NYC, premieres on October 19, 2022, following last year’s Double Feature.

AHS: NYC is shrouded in mystery. However, we know it follows a series of bizarre deaths and disappearances in New York City. On October 12, FX released a new teaser featuring classic AHS imagery: blinged-out S&M gear and a syringe injecting blood into an 80s cocktail.

The Cast of American Horror Story: NYC

FX announced a star-studded cast with Murphy favorites in the lead. The cast includes series mainstays Patti LuPone, Billie Lourd, Zachary Quinto, Sandra Bernhard, Denis O’Hare, and Isaac Powell. As well as Joe Mantello and Charlie Carver with Leslie Grossman and Russell Tovey joining in on the frightening fun.

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Scroll through some of the official cast portraits below.

Zachary Quinto in AHS: NYC

Zachary Quinto as Sam

Billie Lourd in ASH: NYC

Billie Lourd as Hannah

Charlie Carver in American Horror Story: NYC

Charlie Carver as Adam

Denis O'Hare in AHS: NYC

Denis O’Hare as Henry

Isaac Powell in AHS: NYC

Isaac Powell as Theo

Joe Mantello in AHS: NYC

Joe Mantello as Gino

Kal Penn in AHS: NYC

Kal Penn as Mac Marzara

Kyle Beltran in AHS: NYC

Kyle Beltran as Morris

Leslie Grossman in AHS: NYC

Leslie Grossman as Barbara

Patti Lupone in AHS: NYC

Patti Lupone as Kathy

Rebecca Dayan in AHS: NYC

Rebecca Dayan as Alana

Russell Tovey in AHS: NYC

Russell Tovey as Patrick

Sandra Bernhard in American Horror Story: NYC

Sandra Bernhard as Fran

Sis in AHS: NYC

Sis as Dunaway

What’s the theme of American Horror Story: NYC?

While FX and Murphy have been tight-lipped about all of the previous seasons of the long-running show, this season seems particularly mysterious. Since FX announced the season’s theme, AHS took to social media to share various images and cryptic messages. Very few details about AHS: NYC has been released over the last few months. However, the show’s social media channels have been very active and perhaps hold clues.

On October 12, the @AmericanHorrorStory Twitter account tweeted a video promising “a season like no other” with a caption that included the phrase “Let it consume you.” This led some fans to speculate that the new season could have a cannibalistic theme.

On October 6, the @RyanMurphyProductions Twitter account shared a teaser for the upcoming seasons with a caption that reads, “The deadliest year. A season like no other.” So, will AHS: NYC be the deadliest season yet? We’re about to find out.

American Horror Story: NYC premieres on October 19 on FX and streaming on Hulu the next day.

Meet the Queer Cast of ‘American Horror Story: NYC’
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