Britney Spears Stands Up for LGBT Awareness

This is a photo of Britney Spears performing.

We sure are GLAAD to have Britney Spears support. Aren’t you? With the GLAAD Media Awards just around the corner, celebrities will undoubtedly spend the next month celebrating and supporting the queer community.

After GLAAD released its ‘Accelerating Acceptance’ report, which showed a rise in overall acceptance of the LGBTs, the former Disney darling tweeted her thoughts on the social issue.

But Spears isn’t the only celebrity to show support. Demi Lovato, Matt McGorry, and Zoe Saldana have participated in GLAAD events such as the social media campaign #SpiritDay which celebrates the LGBT community and encourages others to take a stand against bullying.

We’re just happy to have Spears on our side. Now, get back to work, bitch. We need you in tip-top shape for your Sin City show.

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