Boss Baby Brody Is High-Kicking Gender Norms to the Curb

Boss Baby Brody Is High-Kicking Gender Norms to the Curb

Instagram / Boss Baby Brody

Boss Baby Brody is one of Instagram’s brightest rising stars.

It’s been an emotional couple of weeks. We paced the floor for days as they counted votes during election week. As of this article, Donald Trump still hasn’t conceded to Joe Biden. Democrats didn’t flip the senate like they’d hoped, but there will be a critical runoff election next year. COVID cases are spiking again. It’s a lot. It’s intense. So, rather than adding more anxiety to our already raw nerves, let’s take a little breather instead.

This week on the Pride Podcast, five-year-old Instagram dance star, Brody Schaffer (aka Boss Baby Brody) and his mom, Danielle, talk about what it’s like when you let a young person explore the things that make them happy without the limitation of gender norms.

It’s probably not surprising that interviewing a five-year-old is not an easy task regardless of their precocity. You will hear host Levi Chambers attempt to interview Brody, and, at times, it does sound a little ridiculous, but the important thing is he tried. Mostly though, you’ll hear from Danielle, Brody’s mom.

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In the interview, Danielle talks about why she supports her kids endlessly, regardless of society’s criticism. She reflects on reactions from friends, family, and fans and explains her point of view. Spoiler alert: Danielle ignores the haters.

You can listen to this episode below or on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. For more options, visit Straw Hut Media.

Boss Baby Brody Is High-Kicking Gender Norms to the Curb
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